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True anatomy visualizations. Not modeled.


BodyViz visualizes real human and veterinary anatomy into interactive, 3D volumes using actual patient MRI/CT Scans. Our library containing over 1,000 scans allows instructors to virtually dissect and visualize anatomical concepts in 3D, just as they would in the cadaver lab.

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3D anatomy scans on BodyViz computers

What's Included?

High School 3D Anatomy Student License

Student License

Each of your students will receive a 3D Anatomy Software license to download directly to their computer, creating a virtual cadaver lab at their fingertips. With this software, students will be able to: 

  • Interact with real human and veterinary anatomy in 3D
  • Perform non-destructive virtual dissections 
  • Peel back individual tissue layers
  • Highlight specific features with active coloring modes

Instructor License

Each anatomy instructor will also receive a Pro 3D anatomy software license, which includes advanced software features that empower instructors with a creative content suite. With these advanced features, instructors will be able to:

  • Download 1000’s of 3D anatomical studies within our library
  • Create detailed annotations within anatomy
  • Save BodyVizFiles for use in lecture and lab
  • Ability to upload MRI/CT scans in a matter of seconds
High School 3D Anatomy Pro License
High School 3D Anatomy Active Learning

Active Learning Modules

The ALMs work in conjunction with our 3D anatomy software, providing students a suite of structured lab activities following a systemic approach as outlined in the HAPS curriculum. Each lab includes step-by-step instructions for students to perform the virtual dissection and identification activities within BodyViz software, making it easy for students to complete their assignments while promoting interactive, collaborative learning experiences.

Review and Assessment Modules

The Review Modules engage students with interactive, ungraded activities developed to strengthen their understanding of the course material. When students feel ready, they will then complete the quizzes in our Assessment Modules, which are automatically graded making it easy for instructors to track individual performance and progress

High School 3D Anatomy Review
Looking at a real human body is not something that was accessible for our students. BodyViz is the only way they are able to see the real human body and how all of the different structures work together. Southwest Texas Junior College
BodyViz was a better fit for us because of accessibility. Instructors in 8 rooms and 750 students using iPads all have access to BodyViz at the same time. Notre Dame High School
Not only is BodyViz important for our current class, it is key to preparing our students for what they will see in their clinicals and rotations. BodyViz is providing our students with a different level of education that will provide a sound foundation for their future studies. Creighton University School of Medicine

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In this eBook, you'll learn about:

  • Replacing cadaver lab experiences for online learning
  • Updating your existing instructional materials
  • Providing your students with clear direction
  • Contingency planning for future educational disruptions.
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