Active Learning Module Videos

Interactive anatomy assignments with built-in instructional videos

For introductory and advanced courses.


Our online suite of Active Learning Module Videos (ALMVs) serve as an interactive guide for students as they complete the activities included in the BodyViz 3D Anatomy Learning Platform. Each video includes 3D visualizations and detailed narrations to help students visualize and understand the anatomical concepts in an efficient manner. After watching each video, students will be asked to showcase their understanding by completing the activities included in each module.

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Over 70 Assignments and Videos

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Detailed Narrations

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For Introductory & Advanced Courses

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Fully Interactive

For Introductory Courses

Our Anatomy Basics Videos are perfect for high school and first time anatomy students.

For Advanced Courses

Our systemically structured videos are perfect for advanced undergraduate and graduate level anatomy courses.

BodyViz enhances the education experience beyond what we can do in the gross anatomy lab. We can look at patient injuries and pathology. We can use 3D glasses to get that spatial relationship that we need to have in order to teach 3D structures and relationships. University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
BodyViz was a better fit for us because it isn’t confined to a table, like many of the other virtual anatomy solutions, and can adapt to all of our anatomy courses in any environment. Blue Mountain College
It's exciting, it's cutting edge. It sets us apart from other community colleges. We're using it in biology and health sciences such as nursing, RT, OTA, PTA. This has been a huge enhancement for my students, where we don't have cadavers to dissect. Hawkeye Community College

Hours of Premade Learning Modules

Interactive Anatomy Content

Browse through 1000's of studies and pre-made learning resources included in our library to use in your courses. Each study includes the patient history, giving you insight on the background of each patient you are virtually dissecting. Upload MRI/CT scans in a matter of minutes to visualize and dissect actual studies from your teaching hospital.

Guided Virtual Dissection Labs

Interactive Quizzing Activities

Curriculum Mapping

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