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Premade educational modules.


Our Interactive Anatomy Content is a set of structured educational modules that engage students with virtual dissection labs and interactive quizzes. Accessible through the BodyViz Online Portal, or your preferred Learning Management System, these peer-reviewed educational modules provide your students 24/7 access to 3D anatomical learning resources.

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Active Learning Modules

Step-by-step instructions will guide your students through the systemically structured lab activities included in our Active Learning Modules (ALMs). All 72 of the ALMs integrate directly with BodyViz software, creating a virtual dissection experience that makes it easy for students to complete their assignments, while promoting interactive, collaborative learning experiences.

  • Hours of activities. Each lab activity will take students anywhere from 20-30 minutes. Currently, there are 72 activities structured systemically.
  • Peer-reviewed. All of our content is peer-reviewed and follows a systemic approach outline in the HAPS (Human Anatomy and Physiology Society) curriculum standards.
  • Online portal. Students will have 24/7 access to their materials on the BodyViz Online Portal, or on your preferred Learning Management System.
  • Custom curriculum mapping. We understand instructors have different instructional approaches. Our team will tailor our content modules to fit directly within your curriculum.
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Assessment and Review Modules

Engage students with interactive quizzes included with our Assessment Modules. These quizzes follow the same systemic approach as our Active Learning Modules, serving as an outlet for students to apply their knowledge of the anatomical concepts being covered. 

  • Hours of quizzes. Each quiz will take students 15 minutes to complete on average. We currently have 82 quizzes included in the Assessment Modules.
  • Easy access. Students can login to the Online Portal or LMS to complete their quizzes.
  • Apply knowledge. The anatomy questions require students to apply their knowledge gained from lecture and lab in order to complete.
  • Automatic grading. The Online Portal (or your LMS) will record and track each students performance, making it easy for you to monitor grades.
BodyViz enhances the education experience beyond what we can do in the gross anatomy lab. We can look at patient injuries and pathology. We can use 3D glasses to get that spatial relationship that we need to have in order to teach 3D structures and relationships. University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
BodyViz was a better fit for us because it isn’t confined to a table, like many of the other virtual anatomy solutions, and can adapt to all of our anatomy courses in any environment. Blue Mountain College
It's exciting, it's cutting edge. It sets us apart from other community colleges. We're using it in biology and health sciences such as nursing, RT, OTA, PTA. This has been a huge enhancement for my students, where we don't have cadavers to dissect. Hawkeye Community College

Remote Access to 3D Anatomy Resources

BodyViz Online Portal

Students can login directly to the BodyViz Online Portal from any location in order to complete the learning modules. Instructors have the ability to assign activities, easily track student performance with automatic grading, and interact with other instructors in our peer-to-peer instructor forum.

Assign Labs and Quizzes

Automatic Grading

Track Student Performance

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